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Canadian Shorts II – A Collection of Short Stories is a specially selected collection of short stories by established and emerging Canadian authors. Showcasing Canada’s diverse writing talent, there is a story for every reader.  

From Literary Fiction to SciFi to Prairie Gothic, Canadian Shorts II unites some of our country’s diverse writing talent to defy 2020’s year of upheaval. From the depths of social isolation and societal upheaval, sixteen authors offer compelling stories of hope, failure, love, and sheer wonder at the workings of the world – with Bigfoot and a little alien abduction for fun.

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Release Date October 15, 2020.
Edited by Brenda Fisk, with Foreword by Stacey O’Sullivan
Stories: “The Sisterhood” by Joan Baril
“Never Lose Your Dog Again” by Alex Chappell
“Smoke, Drizzle and Fog” by Bronwynn Erskine
“The Right Thing” by Brenda Fisk
“The Powderman” by Michael Foy
“Killer First Date” by Allison Gorner
“Friday Afternoon Deposit” by Laurie Hodges Humble
“The Pilot” by Allan Jones
“The Noir That Wasn’t” by Halli Lilburn
“Upstream” by J. McMullin
“Wild Thing” by Maria Morrison
“Northern Mallards” by John Pringle
“Age of Miracles” by Robert Runté
“Iambic Heptameter and the Abduction of Muriel” by Jack Sheddon
“Family Ties” by Linda White

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Canadian Shorts II audiobook sample from story titled “Iambic Heptameter and the Abduction of Muriel,” by Jack Shedden