Super Agent Ninja Ballerina Kids

written by Allison Gorner
illustrated by Stacey O’Sullivan

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“Super Agent Ninja
Ballerina Kids”

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Official Release date: November 22, 2022

written by Allison Gorner, illustrated by Stacey O’Sullivan

Super Agent Ninja Ballerina Kids is an exciting new illustrated storybook for children ages 4 – 7.

This action-packed story shows kids it’s okay to be themselves and that cooperation makes tasks better.

DESCRIPTION: Blaze is a Super Agent Ninja Kid and he’s teaching his little sister Tulip to become one too. But Tulip wants to be a ballerina. Not a ninja. Can they learn to cooperate? Will it be enough to complete the ultimate mission and save their home from the stinky diaper bomb?

Follow Blaze and Tulip as they discover that their differences make them stronger, and together, no mission is too hard for the Super Agent Ninja Ballerina Kids.

Available as paperback (35 pages).

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