Life lessons from a homicide detective
by Dave Sweet and Sarah Graham
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Skeletons in My Closet is an unorthodox police memoir taking readers on a ride-along like no other, revealing poignant truths about life and death, and how we can all work and live together. Danger and grit pair with humour and compassion in this gripping, fresh read.

Dave Sweet, a conservative, veteran homicide detective has teamed up with Sarah Graham, a liberal, optimistic author to write this unconventional universal life-lessons book.
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of Skeletons in my Closet
by Dave Sweet and Sarah Graham
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Behind the Scenes is a sneak peek – prequel to the main book Skeletons in My Closet, life lessons from a homicide detective. Learn how an intense, type-A cop and an optimistic, free-spirited author have teamed up to bring you an unconventional police memoir. As gripping as it is inspiring, Skeletons in My Closet is a frank look at how one homicide detective faces the unimaginable every day, and the lessons he’s learned along the way. Now they’re taking you Behind the Scenes, from what it’s like working with a homicide detective to sneak peeks of Skeletons in My Closet, this back stage pass takes you on the pre ride-along.